Reiselykke as Storytelling

Reiselykke is The Way I See the World as a Traveller

Reiselykke means something like HappyTraveling or The Joy of Traveling. Reiselykke is the sensation some of us feel when we’re ready to head off somewhere with a suitcase at hand or a backpack on the shoulders. But there’s more …

It is also the bubbly feeling of joy while traveling, when finding new places to visit, when experiencing something new or when stumbling across something unexpected or unplanned for.

Reiselykke is to wander the world or your own neighbourhood, seeing new places or experiencing familiar areas in a new way. Reiselykke is to be curious, open minded and interested in different cultures, in meeting new people – not knowing exactly how your day will end. Reiselykke means to search further, past tourism, behind what they want you to see – in an effort to find the true, the real, the genuine.

Reiselykke means to challenge yourself, to test your own boundaries – and to realize that the world becomes bigger, the more you travel. Yet everything seems to come closer. Strange, isn’t it?

Reiselykke is the smell of a damp pavement in a big city, of spices and coriander around the next corner, of fresh sea and fields of flowers. Reiselykke is the sound of hunching horns and the image of traffic on 5th Avenue moving like a slow paced yellow river. Reiselykke is the beautiful song of an unfamiliar bird. It is the Muezzin’s call for prayer. It is the feel of tropical climate covering you skin like an invisible damp cloth, letting go only for a moment as you take a cold shower … It is the wind of the coast stealing your breath away. It is reaching the top of a mountain after hiking in steep nature, exhausted from the walk, thrilled from the view. It is the wild sea hitting rocks, carving caves, slowly digging through time. It is listening to the silent moves of the waves rolling the beach, washing away your foot prints in the sand, as you lie underneath a palm tree, listening without purpose, thinking of nothing. Reiselykke is to travel the world with all senses and getting lost in the experience.

Reiselykke is to make plans for the next trip, the next destination, the next travel – but it is also looking at old travel photos, thinking of people you’ve met, places you’ve been, travels you’ve experienced. Reiselykke is to come back home after a journey, hopefully a bit wiser, a bit more experienced, than you were before you left.

Do you feel the same way about traveling? Then I hope you’ll join my travels on this site.

This is where I share Reiselykke. This is where I write about my experiences from my journeys, my meetings with cultures and people, photos, travel tips and travel stories from longer and shorter travels, from my own country and from around the world.

There is a saying, it goes something like this:

One who has traveled, has a story to tell.