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Reiselykke is a travel magazine & -blog published by Reiselykke Media, offering travel advice and travel stories by experienced travelers. Reiselykke also publish travel guides (ebooks) and offer to help organize group travels in areas which I have visited.

All travel articles are based on personal experiences, and Reiselykke do not publish «desk journalism» 

Focus of content & target group

Mette Solberg Fjeldheim – founder, blogger and publisher

While travelling and through storytelling, the focus of our content is always on the destination, at the same time keeping my readers in mind. I seek to inspire and give relevant content to independent, quality minded travellers seeking travel advice, inspiration and recommendation.

The primary target group is Norwegian couples aged 30+, traveling on a medium plus to high budget.

Reiselykke offer travel advice and storytelling in a personal tone of voice within a variety of themes and aspects, such as

  • city breaks with trendy atmosphere
  • active travel/soft adventure and beach holidays in beautiful nature
  • local culture in terms of quality wine and food, art, literature and music
  • adventures in road trips and train trips
  • unique accommodation in terms of historical stays, boutique and/or design hotels
  • responsible tourism in focus

Norway's Best Travel Blogger

Winner Norway’s Best Travel Blog 2017

This is what the jury said:

The blog shows great diversity, is user friendly and easy to navigate. It features beautiful pictures and an inspiring, fresh design. There is a personal touch but no navel gazing. And – perhaps most importantly – it’ll make you want to travel.

Reiselykke in Numbers

  • An average of 46 000+ page views a month
  • Demographics: 70 % women | 87 % live in Norway | largest age groups: 25 – 54 years old


  • 5 300+ followers Instagram @reiselykke – all authentic followers | Facebook: 3 300+ followers
  • Demographics on Instagram:: 65 % women | 78 % live in Norway |  largest age groups: 25 – 54 years old


I collaborate with tourism boards all over the world, as well as independent hotels and tour-operators. I also collaborate with the airline KLM who sponsor some of my trips. I recently startet working with the touroperator JTB Norway, who can organzine group trips I initiate or on behalf of my reders.

These are some of my collaborations:

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Reiselykke as travel expert

Mette from Reiselykke is frequently seen in media as travel expert, interviewed about travel trends, travel advice and giving inspiration and tips about destinations and responsible travel.

Intervjuer i media

See the full list of interviews in media here

Publisher of digital travel guides

Reiselykke Media publish digital travel guides for the Norwegian market, for sale in the online shop

Reiselykke as travel journalist

Reiselykke has delivered multiple travel related editorial content (text and photography) to Norway’s largest media outlets, such as VG and Egmont Publishing.

Lisboa artikkel i VG

Content delivered by Reiselykke Media is seen in publications such as VG, NTB, Dagbladet, Norsk Ukeblad, Aschehoug Litteratur, etc.

More about publications here → in English  in Norwegian

More about travel photography in other publications: → in English 

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Memberships / participations / policy

  • Co-founder of Nordic Nomads
  • Board Member in Impact Norway: Action Against Needless Disability
  • Member of PATA Norway Chapter
  • Relates to the Norwegian standard of journalism (Vær varsom-plakaten) and STS Code of Ethics
  • Sponsored content, collaborations and advertising is marked according to Norwegian regulations

Keep in touch:  | Facebook: reiselykke | Instagram: @reiselykke


What I see is what you get

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