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Reiselykke is a travel magazine & -blog by Mette Solberg Fjeldheim, offering travel advice, ideas and travel stories. I also publish travel guides (e-books) as indie publisher and sell travel content to some of Norway’s major media houses.
All travel articles are based on personal experiences.
Reiselykke i Bangkok

Foto: Daniel Rydén/FlyingDryden

Focus of content & target group

Mette Solberg Fjeldheim

While travelling and through storytelling, the focus of my content is always on the destination, at the same time keeping my readers in mind. I seek to inspire and give relevant information to independent, quality minded travelers seeking travel advice, inspiration and personal recommendation. Ever since the beginning, I have tried to inspire to a more sustainable and responsible way of exploring the world.

The primary target group is Norwegian couples aged 30+, traveling on a medium plus to high budget.

Reiselykke offer travel advice and storytelling in a personal tone of voice within a variety of themes and aspects, such as

  • city breaks with trendy atmosphere
  • active travel/soft adventure and beach holidays in beautiful nature
  • local culture in terms of quality wine and food, art, literature and music
  • adventures, road trips and train trips
  • unique accommodation in terms of historical stays, boutique and/or design hotels
  • and of course, with elements of responsible tourism: the impact of tourism, how to be a more responsible traveler, green destinations and eco-holidays

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