Welcome to Reiselykke – a magazine with personality focusing on travel and culture, yoga and lifestyle, philosophy and creativity. Founded in 2011 by  Mette Solberg Fjeldheim and awarded Norway’s best travel blog in 2007.

I believe our life itself is the greatest journey we will ever experience. And I believe that seeking new knowledge, exploring the world around us and opting outside our comfort zone will keep our minds sharp, contribute to a sustainable health and keep us energized throughout our lives.

As writer, editor and yoga teacher, I seek to expand my horizon on a daily basis. Writing is my way of thinking, and here I share my thoughts and experiences from my travels, readings and meetings with cultures, people and nature.

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Hilsen Mette ∞

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Norway's Best Travel Blogger

The blog shows great diversity, is user friendly and easy to navigate. It features beautiful pictures and an inspiring, fresh design. There is a personal touch but no navel gazing. And – perhaps most importantly – it’ll make you want to travel.

The jury at Reiselivsmessen, Norway